unfamiliar networks


unfamiliar networks | RE/ VOLVE

Unfamiliar networks is an interactive immersive installation for the Tech Open Air 2018 at taken place at the Funkhaus, Berlin.

The project takes inspiration from the unfamiliar networks which surrounds us. Water plays as the key element for the visuals displayed on the walls.  

As unfamiliar networks form, our influence gains value and magnitude. As visitors explore the Sound Chamber, it unravels a series of unfamiliar information networks that are symbolized through water in its varying states.

Projection windows are linked together to transport the visitors visually to a world of water networks, while hidden sensors allow them to influence the projections.

An unannounced subtle performance unravels when actors mix among the audience and move unexpectedly, bringing all the elements of this experience together.


art direction

andy liu


almut siebel


leonie pfeiffer

helin ulas

sound design

lars christophersen

basel naouri

interaction design

rodrigo sanchez